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Our Journey

Troya Beauty serves one purpose; to help you look and feel-good no matter where you are.

In 1992, a hard-working and passionate teenager handed her father a bond to secure a premises for her very first hair salon; the garage of their family home. The salon had one chair and she was equipped only with the tools and knowledge she had earned from her apprenticeship at well-regarded salons around Sydney. Ronda’s Hair Design was born (now Ronda’s Hair and Beauty or RHB). The salon grew through word of mouth and eventually outgrew the garage. Throughout the early 2000’s, the salon won countless awards and became the preferred destination for some of the beauty industry’s most iconic celebrities including past and current Miss World Australia and Miss Asia Pacific contestants.

Now, situated in the heart of South-West Sydney, the salon has expanded into laser hair removal, body-shaping, beauty therapy, and more. Ronda’s Hair and Beauty has won countless awards, trained hundreds of proud and empowered young women, and has become a place for people to confide in one another, support each other, laugh alongside each other, and even complain about their partners from time-to-time. The salon started with one humble and wholesome goal; to make every client who walked through the doors, ‘look and feel good.’ This was, and still is, important to the salon’s team no matter the client’s budget, background, history, or anything else. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. Everyone deserves to wake up in the morning feeling happy, energetic, and inspired.

Then, at a transformative time in history (when the doors of salons, barbers, therapists, and others were forced to close), RHB entered the online world to spread positivity, compassion, and care; delivering hair and beauty packages to people around Australia that were suffering mentally and financially, sometimes at no cost. Many underestimated the impact that self-care and hygiene could have on the mental health of our people. It was then that RHB founded Troya Beauty.

It is for this reason that our products, services, treatments, and everything else offered here is personally assessed, analysed, and selected by our qualified team, all being seasoned hair and beauty professionals. We then give you the power to select items that are tailored specifically to you. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

With all this in mind, we live to provide you with the best brands and products available. We are constantly working to ensure everything we offer is of premium quality. If we do not have belief in the product or completely understand its benefits and purpose, we will not stock it and will not offer it to you. 

That is our promise to you.