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EOFY Sale - Up To 70% Off Everything - Spend $110+ For A Free NAK Hair Gift

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Diversity & Inclusion

Troya Beauty is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace. First being founded in 1992 as a ladies only hair and beauty salon, the importance of fostering and encouraging an inclusive and diverse environment is embedded deeply within our team.

We see this is a journey with no specific end goal. What we can achieve together is limitless. Statistics and research can be easily manipulated but the culture and mindset of the masses in a modern-day society speaks for itself.

We are continuously working with local and national organisations and teams to develop ways that diversity and inclusion can be improved in a sustainable and respectable manner. Within our own team, we employ and train people that have come from a wide range of backgrounds and environments. From refugees to Australian First Nations and people with disabilities of all kinds, our salon and broader team has been, and still is, made up of a diverse and inclusive community. That is just how we like it. The ideas, passions, and mindsets that a diverse team brings is irreplaceable and assists us in continuously striving to build a stronger community.

When people join our team, we help educate them on our core values and the importance of creating an inclusive environment. The main objective is to provide a safe, flexible, and respectful environment for all involved (including our customers). This means we have zero tolerance for any forms of discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment, and racial or religious vilification.

Where you come into play

Through the content we produce via our website, social media platforms, and any other means of exposure, we aim to foster a community built on education, inclusivity and diversity.

It is our responsibility to include (and be accepting of) all communities, including the LGBTQIA+ community, different religious and racial communities, different age brackets, people with disabilities, and people from all walks of life.

This is something we are continuously working on. If you see something that can be improved, no matter what it may be, please do not hesitate to raise your hand and speak to us directly. Every recommendation goes a long way in improving the community we are building.

Our brand partners

We are constantly working with our brand partners to ensure that similar principles, ethics, and values are held in our supply chains, manufacturing teams, and broader business. As we all know, this is a task that we must constantly work on relentlessly. There is always room for improvement and our brand partners provide exceptional support and insight into how this can be further improved. When selecting brand partners, diversity and inclusion is something we observe closely.

Goals & objectives

If you feel you have something that can be improved below, or you have an idea which can improve diversity and inclusion in our community, please let us know by contacting us via Below are four of the core Diversity & Inclusion Goals & Objectives that we have set as a community with the help of our customers and team members.

  • Build and maintain an internal program dedicated to the training and development of at least 3 female apprentices in our Sydney based salon, every year
  • Provide clearer paths and avenues for females and LGBTQIA+ community members to reach senior management within our retail and salon business (with a dedicated and clear training program)
  • Build and maintain a wide community of (beauty obsessed) people around Australia and New Zealand dedicated to supporting each other rather than opposing each other (through social media platforms and our Troya Beauty website)
  • Encourage wider adoption of such core principles and values by our supply chain, manufacturing teams, and all other partners whilst also learning from each other

Final thoughts

All in all, we are lucky to be operating in one of the most well-positioned industries to create improvements in diversity and inclusion. The beauty industry is… well, one of beauty. From ensuring products are available for all skin tones, hair concerns, and general beauty concerns, to encouraging diverse brand partnerships, there is much we can do to contribute to the world-wide objectives which are encapsulated within the diversity and inclusion realm. We need your support to continue to improve. So, please, if you have any suggestions or questions, contact us via and we will be with you as soon as we can.