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“We’re late again.” A Guide To Quick & Easy Makeup

“We’re late again.” A Guide To Quick & Easy Makeup

My worst nightmare: waking up 20-30 minutes late to my alarm not working because my phone wasn’t charging properly. You know when your charging cable is a bit rough but you just cannot be bothered to get a new one and you end up doing nothing about it. Yep. 

Second worst nightmare: showing up to work with poorly done makeup (or no makeup at all…). 

I think it’s clear there is a connection between my phobias here but I’ll leave that for my late-night journalling sessions.

Anyways, we have all been there. The makeup rush. The, “hurry-up we need to leave now” moments. So, I’ve put this together to help us all out. Let’s dive in.

Disclaimer: this will work for most people and is aimed at achieving a light-natural look so there’s nothing crazy or overly difficult here.


Foundation Tips For Fast Makeup

If you have already done your skin care (and applied SPF), we can jump right into the base products.

I, myself, have normal to dry skin, so I usually look for something with light to medium coverage and a fresh finish.

No primer needed, just straight into foundation applied however you like best - fingers, a beauty sponge or a brush.

The asap pure kabuki brush, or any equivalent, is great when you want to work quickly.

My choice of foundations:

asap pure mineral foundation - delivers a sheer, flawless coverage with SPF 15 protection and a beautiful luminous finish

Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation - sheer to full coverage, finish is natural and radiant without being glittery

asap skin perfecting mineral foundation - light, buildable coverage gives skin a natural finish

Easy To Use Concealers 

Now that our base is sorted, a tiny bit of concealer at the under-eyes helps brighten the look. 

The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is an old-time fan favourite for a reason.

Cream Bronzer & Cream Blush

You may decide to opt in for a powder and that is completely fine. I have just really been enjoying cream products recently and I feel it gives a tad more glow. 

Applying a cream bronzer and buffing it into the skin adds a good amount of structure and colour to the face.

I like to add a small amount just around my forehead. If I am feeling daring, I'll add some around along my jawline (be careful here).

For cream blush, here is a very quick guide on application:

  1. Keep your face completely straight 
  2. Line up your finger/sponge/brush with the centre of your pupil and draw an imaginary line down to where your cheekbones start
  3. Using this line as your starting point, apply your blush diagonally upwards along your cheekbones

By applying this way, the concentration of pigment is spread along the high points of your cheekbones. This creates the illusion of a lifted face. However, adding blush to the apples of your cheeks when smiling means the concentration of colour rests on the lower half of the face once you stop smiling, dragging the face downwards (hence step 1).

Pro Tip: Use A Face Palette For Cheeks & Eyes

Really in a rush? Run some bronzer or blush over the eyelid for colour.

If you've got an extra 30-60 seconds, grab an all-over face palette to cover highlighter and eyeshadow. 

Lately, I've been mixing all the shades in a palette and pressing them into the high points of my face around the temple and over the cheekbones.

Then, grab an eyeshadow brush and run a bronze shade through the crease of your eye for extra definition.

Easy To Use Brow Products

I feel it’s important to never forget the eyebrows because they frame the entire face.

When I'm in a rush, my go-to is a clear or tinted brow gel.

Easy To Use Mascaras

You can always choose to skip the mascara step. Think of this as extra credit. 

Mascaras I've been loving lately:

The Icing On The Cake: Lip Balm

Finish with the lips! My favourite lip balm right now is actually Medik8 Mutiny Squalane-Based Alternative Lip Balm 15ml. It’s a squalane-based alternative lip balm. The gel-like balm instantly melts into the lips, providing instant and long-lasting hydration for dry or chapped lips.

All done! That wasn’t too difficult now was it?

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Ava, Editor at Troya Beauty

I love long walks on the beach, procrastinating, casually complaining about my spending habits, and annoying my boyfriend with my (apparently ‘not so funny’) fashion and beauty related memes. In all seriousness, I love anything related to skincare and makeup. If it's worth using, I am your gal and I will tell you everything I know. Currently studying a Dip. Beauty Therapy!

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