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How To Style Your Hair Quickly (5 minutes Or Less)

How To Style Your Hair Quickly (5 minutes Or Less)

Before getting a full-time working from home job (and spontaneously adopting a 2 year old rescue dog named Rambo - long story), I took pride in my appearance and never let anything get in the way. Add that to the fact that I am into my fourth year of a comfortable (and very loving) relationship and the result is a 20-something sloth who considers her Oodie and UGGs an outfit. 

BUT, I have decided to turn to a new page. That means I have been doing some serious online research (and maybe some shopping) to help turn this Oddie-wearing wreck around. 

Part of that means I needed to find a quicker way to style my hair. It has always felt like such a chore to me and I have very thick, long hair so it’s never easy. 

Thankfully, I've finally nailed down a quick and easy look that I am happy with. It’s taken me from being quite embarrassed about how lazy I can be to feeling like it might be something I can pull off year-round. 

Let’s get right into what works:

Wash Your Hair At Night

I don’t know about you but I am most productive at night. It’s weird but for some reason I decide it’s the best time to do all my chores (if you have an annoying neighbour that vacuums her whole house at 10pm, that’s me and I’m really sorry). 

When washing my hair, I’ve found that choosing the right product, of course, makes a massive difference. 

I've been loving the NAK Hair Structure Complex Protein Shampoo 375ml and NAK Hair Structure Complex Conditioner 375ml. It does wonders for me and I love everything about NAK Hair in general. 

Choose The Right Products for Your Hair Concerns

This seems like an obvious one and it usually is for most of us. We all just need a little reminder. Think of it this way: you wouldn’t cut an apple with a plastic spork. You need a nice, sharp knife. Same goes for your hair concerns. Our concerns may change over our lifetime as well and that’s completely normal. Just be sure that you are using the right product(s) for what your hair needs. 

When I say choose the right product for your concerns, I don’t just mean choosing an anti dandruff shampoo if you have dandruff. I also mean that you may find you need a really good thermal protectant because you use heat tools quite often, for example. 

FYI: One of my favourite underrated protectants is the Vitafive CPR Heat Defence Thermal Protection Spray 180ml - Thank me later.

This also leads into ensuring that you choose the right styling tools for your hair (which brings me to my next point).

Game-Changing Hair Tools

If you haven’t yet tried the Volumiser Brushes from Hot Tools, then I really don’t know how to explain it to you. It’s almost like the first time you found out Owen and Luke Wilson were brothers:

Luke Wilson and Owen Wilson

If you aren’t up to date with your celeb details, then I am really glad I have this job because I’m here for you.

Back on topic: it’s incredible.

I personally recommend the Hot Tools Black Gold Volumiser Professional One Step Blowout Brush Dual Detachable Set

Basically, by using this (or an equivalent), you’re practically halving your heat styling time. Your hair will thank you later (and so will your schedule). 

The Secret Weapon: Dry Shampoo

You’ll hear mixed opinions about dry shampoo. Mine (since you asked) is that it’s something you should have up your sleeve. I mean, why not? 

There are options available but I have been really enjoying the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Dry Shampoo Foam 195ml

Not only will a good dry shampoo absorb any oil and keep your hair feeling fresh without all the work involved in full wash, but it will also help to extend the duration of a blowout or style. 

The Summary

Here’s the wrap up (if you didn’t read my full article, I’m only slightly offended):

  1. Wash your hair at night to avoid rushing or skipping 
  2. Choose the right products for your hair concerns (including your hair routine and style)
  3. Try using a tool (or tools) which reduces heat damage and/or minimises styling time 
  4. Dry shampoo is your friend

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Ava, Editor at Troya Beauty

Born and raised in Sydney Australia, I am obsessed with all things hair and beauty. Ever since I was 6, I used to play around with my mother’s make-up (much to her joy). I am here to try anything and everything and give you my honest review. I am also a self-proclaimed food addict (currently trying to talk myself out of buying a SmashCake). 

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