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How to Get The Perfect Beach Waves

How to Get The Perfect Beach Waves

Personally, I wish it was summer all year round but with rainy nights and slight hail. The perfect combo for a cosy sleep-in and beach day. But now I am just asking for too much.

Onto the details, Allison, please. 

OK, gosh.

During summer, many of us admire the surfer look. It’s effortless, classy, and might be our closest chance at attracting the attention of Matthew McConaughey…



Matthew McConaughey on set of The Beach Bum

I digress… again.  

Well, we have cracked the code to the surfer look and beach waves. So, here it is.

How do you get natural-looking beach waves and curls?

One secret to creating effortless waves is to swap your curling wand for salt spray and a hairdryer. Less heat and the right product equals perfect waves (*McConaughey not guaranteed, sorry).

Manipulating the way in which your hair dries will create a natural wave effect compared to curling your hair with a hair straightener or curling wand. Simple science.

Self proclaimed pro tip: To ensure your beach waves look glossy, use a deep conditioning mask on your hair before styling. This will ensure your waves appear healthy, rather than dry and dull.

A guide to effortless beach waves and curls:

  1. Start with damp hair
    After washing your hair, pat-dry to remove excess water. Be careful not to dry your hair with a towel too roughly or pull your hair, as this can damage your hair. If short for time, spray dry hair with clean water until it becomes damp (you’re welcome, sis).
  2. Comb your hair
    Using a wide-tooth comb or tangle teezer, gently comb your hair, starting at the ends and working your way up.
  3. Apply product generously
    Spray or slowly massage your chosen product (salt spray or wave mousse) into your hair. Salt spray mimics the effects of natural seawater, helping to give your hair a naturally wavy texture. When it comes to salt spray, the term less is more does not apply (exciting, I know), so be generous.
  4. Dry your hair
    Using a diffuser, slowly dry your hair on the lowest possible heat setting. You may be tempted to blast your hair with the highest heat setting, but trust me, taking your time will be worth it. As you dry your hair, twist and scrunch sections to help the waves take shape. Remember to apply a heat protectant spray to your hair before applying heat, as this will protect your hair against heat damage. Alternatively, you can allow your hair to dry naturally (if you are willing to wait it out).
  5. Set your waves
    To ensure your waves last all day long, add a final light spray of hairspray or re-spray the sea salt spray.

Alright, alright, alright! Follow the above steps and you’ll be sweet (more like salty… sorry, I can’t help it).

Here are some of our favourite products for creating beach waves:



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